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Check Income Tax Refund Status

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Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2016 Time: 11:55 PM

Income Tax Refund Status

Any people can check their income tax refund status online with some simple and very easy steps. income tax refunds status is a very easy service by income tax department of India for knowing the refund status online. A online refund status portal give the information of income tax refund status with few clicks.

Check / verify the income tax refund status by pan number and assessment Year

PAN Number (permanent account number) :  PAN Number is a 10 alphanumeric unique identification number issue by Income tax department to tax payers and other.

Assessment Year : assessment year is the time of the tax pay by the tax payer. Assessment year is the year immediately following the financial year wherein the income of the F.Y. is assessed. assessment year on this site to access the current position of the tax refund.

Taxpayer can track status of income tax website by checking on "status of tax refund" refund status can be tracked by entering the PAN and ASSESSMENT year for which refund is to be tracked.

MODE OF REFUND: There are two  modes of refund i.e ECS and paper.If the taxpayer has selected mode of refund as ECS(direct credit in bank account of tax payer)at the time of submission of income return and provided the correct account number along with MICR code,the refund will be effected through ECS by CMP SBI. A physical advice of refund credit will also be sent to the taxpayer by post.


1. The income tax department has nominated the State Bank of India as the refund manger agency for all such transactions.SBI forward all refund cheques or online transfer.

2.  RTGS\ECS transfers are possible only if the 10 digit account number hs been correctly provided by assessee along with IFSC code of bank

3. The online status is updated for viewingonly after aperiod of 10 days after assessing        officer having made the refund either online or by dispatching the cheque.

4. The refund status  will be available only if the tax return has been filed correctly by income tax free filing  and on time and has been received by department.This is possible only if the assessee has received an acknowledgement form from the department of having received the ITR .

5. filing income tax refund  online helps in getting faster income tax refund.The processing time is considerably less in case of online system as you can now check staus of income tax refund online. The income tax department offers an online fcility for tracking your income tax refund and its status.Taxpayers can view status of refund 10 days after their refund has been sent.Enter your PAN number and ASSESSMENT year for which you want to check income tax refund.

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