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Ask The Expert On Property Tax Reporting And Save More Money

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Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 Time: 6:24 PM

A sudden inward collapse was noted in the real estate business at many areas around the world. To cover up the losses, more and more number of property audits is performed. As the property values decrease, more efforts are needed to achieve the much-needed-revenue. Particularly for those who are in mortgage and banking sectors, the effect is bigger. Property tax reporting has got even more complicated than ever.

Following are the experts' views and guidelines on property tax reporting:

Hurry will yield no flowers: Don't worry. We won't teach you meditation but on a serious note, you need to relax and comprehend. Give special attention to specifics of the audit letter. The common mistake those who deal with properties do is that they get drowned in the opportunities of the audit. Where they should be focusing more is on meeting the deliverables. Those who take care of these yield bigger benefits if not flowers.

Ignoring doesn't work here, really: The appraiser or the auditor needs to be spoken to, so that your case is handled without any ignorance. It's your obligation to inform the auditor that you are having acknowledgement of the audit letter. Let him know that you are serious about submitting the changes in the fixed time. In case of any changes in the details, inform as soon as possible.

Don't underestimate tax consultants: It is seen that personal accountants are not well versed with the business practices. Considering tax reporting consultants is a fair consideration in such cases. Specialization of this area is a must thing, if you wish to reduce total amount of back taxes, interests and penalties.

Make it easier for the auditor: A friend of mine is an auditor and he tells me that he would any day choose well-placed and organized documents over a cluster of receipts and notes. Make sure you include everything in an organized way, from fixed asset listings to inventory reports to everything. Two things always do, make a timely submission and make an orderly submission. Of course don't miss out on the mandatory details but also add optional information. At times, optional information helps you in a number of ways.

In case you disagree: Your audit findings have a rebound on your business. Hence the auditor needs to be factual on the results, so that you understand better. In most places, you can agree or disagree. In case you disagree, be prepared to back it with proper documentations and logics. If you are true on your part, the changes will be made. Within a specific period of time, you can appeal in writing. You must be aware of the deadline in advance.

By choosing the right kind of service provider for real estate tax reporting, you can minimize the risk and earn more. Strategy, planning and expertise are the keys to have a healthy business and all of this can be given to you if you choose the right provider.



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