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41: Budgeting For that Home buyer Tax Credit
The Home Buyer Tax Credit was introduced in 2009 to first-time home buyers. This type of customer was understood to be one who has not owned a residence within 36 months. All first-time transactions

42: Tax Relief Services - Get the Help you need to Fight the IRS
For many people, the thought of even learning more about Tax Relief Services is scary enough. They don't want to believe that they will have to deal with the IRS in any way, shape, or form. While

43: Take Advantage of the Various Benefits of Online Tax Return
Tax self assessment, or tax returns are a system which is used for filing of tax returns on your own. Right from its inception, the system has seen controversies. Millions of tax payers use this sys

44: Top Five Moves to Save Tax Money
With the tax changes news this January, it is very important to take all the necessary steps to protect your finances from the tax man. With Congress having declared to make the tax changes it is ex

45: File Federal Tax Returns Online And Solve Your Worries!
People filing their taxes through traditional methods are really tired. They are finding out various options to do their taxes online. They are either taking help of a CPA agent or any other onlin

46: When Does Tax Season 2013 Start?
Every year around October 15 the IRS shuts down its e-file system to prepare for the upcoming tax season. The tax calendar hits a kind of a lull after that, as the nation gears up for the deluge of

47: How to File Taxes without a W-2
For most people, e-filing a tax return is a pretty simple process. You just plug in the numbers from your W-2 into the tax application, take the credits and deductions you're entitled to, and -bam

48: Pick your Poison: The Mother-in-Law or the IRS
There are two separate events that will make a mature, professional, successful adult fall to the floor in a panic-induced temper tantrum in mere seconds. What are those two events? Well, the arri

49: Solve Your IRS Tax Problem with an IRS Installment Agreement
There are many reasons that people have an IRS Tax Problem and get into tax trouble with the IRS. It may be due to a failed business, loss of employment, medical hardship, divorce, or possibly som

50: Why you Should Know your 2012 Tax Bracket
The presence of the expertly qualified tax professionals, that are currently flooded in the financial sector, should be your point of contact to attain the relevant information with regards to the

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