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171: What To Do When Taxes Are Due And You Are Broke
Taxes come due every year at the same time and many of us plan for them by saving up money to pay the amount we owe. That being said, what happens when tax season rolls around and you don’t hav

172: Overseas Bank Account - Watch Out
If you have an overseas bank account, and your objective was and is to hide money from the IRS than things have certainly changed for you. Until recently, you could rely on bank secrecy laws to prote

173: How to Get Help with Past Due Taxes
There are times when you will find it hard to pay your income tax.  There are several factors why this problem happens.  One of the primary causes is economic hardship.  Your current fi

174: Getting Free Tax Help Can Save You a Bundle
You can not avoid taxes.  That is why you have to pay your taxes diligently so that the IRS will not knock on your doors.  However, getting your taxes in order can be very costly.  From

175: What To Do If You Can’t Pay What You Owe The IRS
Cash flow is a concept often associated with businesses. In truth, we all know what it is even if we don’t call it by this name. Cash flow is the money you have on hand to pay your debts. Most A

176: How to File Tax Return Online Without Worries
File tax return online sounds like a very easy command to follow but the truth is that it takes a lot of effort. However, it prevents you from last minute worries about small details.For professional

177: Tax Tip: Top Seven Tips for Taxpayers Starting a New Business
IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2009-02Anyone starting a new business this summer should be aware of their federal tax responsibilities. Here are the top seven things the IRS wants you to know if you plan on o

178: Rental Property: Taxes on Selling Home
If you are a homeowner, you will be entitled to tax breaks when you sell your home. It is possible to profit up to $250,000 if you file your taxes singly. If you file jointly, you could get $500,000.

179: Tax Benefits for Job Seekers
IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2009-01Tax Tip:Many taxpayers spend time during the summer months polishing their résumé and attending career fairs. If you are searching for a job this summer, yo

180: Capital Gains Tax Effect on Investment
Tax revenue is a vital part of the United States government. The income generated from taxes allows the government to finance public works programs, build infrastructure and maintain a military. When

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