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161: Get Help with Back Taxes Using the Services of a Tax Lawyer
Are you extremely worried about your tax debt? Do you think the IRS may decide to come after your assets soon enough? This is not a situation to take lightly. You have to be on your game if you are g

162: Is The IRS Going To Put Me In Jail?
The tax system in the United States is known as a voluntary compliance one. This means simply you voluntarily report your financial information and hand over the mulla. If you don’t, then the in

163: Tax Deductions for Green Living
The environment is something that has become a major front-runner in good, healthy living recently. More and more people are realizing that if we’re going to survive in this world, we have to lo

164: IRS – The Criminal Investigations Section
The mere mention of an IRS audit strikes fear in most people. While audits can be painful, there is one step up from an audit that is down right horrific. Yes, in investigation for a tax crime by the

165: Warning: Taxpayer Extension Periods Are About Up
For some taxpayers, the April 15th tax filing deadline each year is no problem. They just file for an extension. The way the IRS system is set up, such requests are automatically granted and a six mon

166: Help Resolving IRS Tax Debt
Finding the appropriate process or the best tax expert is essential when it comes to settling tax debt. Tax debts should be settled as ASAP to prevent future collection actions, including additional p

167: How to Find the Right Professional to Help You With Your IRS Problem
How to Find the Right Professional to Help You With Your IRS Problem There are only three (3) professionals that are permitted to represent taxpayers without restriction before the internal revenue s

168: How The IRS Uses Social Networking Sites to Find Tax Dodgers
Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are obviously huge hits on the web. In fact, they are such big hits that the IRS now uses them to track down tax dodgers that owe thousands

169: Tax Issues with Gambling Winnings and Losses
Like to play the ponies? Hooked on Texas Hold’em? Enjoy spending a day in a Casino out of the elements? Gamblers may love a bit of gambling, but there is a tax side to your gaming that you need

170: Tax Issue: Do You Have A Hobby or Business?
Many people pursue hobbies that can easily become small businesses. Since they do it for love, they tend to not realize they have a business when they start selling the fruits of their labor. This ca

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