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101: Tax Consultants- Basic Aspects
Tax consultant is that kind of professional who has ample knowledge of taxation procedures and he can solve your tax related issues in a very efficient way. Taxation means simply to impose some amou

102: New Tax Laws
Senators have finally struck a deal on a revamped, $780 billion economic stimulus package (originally $819 billion), paving the way for the stimulus bills passage and allowing President Barack Oba

103: 2011 Tax Benefits
In 2011, Many Tax Benefits Increase Slightly Due to Inflation Adjustments In 2011, personal exemptions and standard deductions will rise and tax brackets will widen due to inflation, The value of ea

104: Tax Investigation What To Do When You Face One
Anybody who has submitted a tax return may be inquired by (HM Revenue & Customs) HMRC investigation team about the entries submitted. But not everybody is inquired upon. While others are inquire

105: Tax Savings through Insurance Plans
Life Insurance is a very popular way of saving on your tax liabilities. Section 80 C of the income tax states that investments upto Rs 100000 on life insurance and unit linked plans can reduce your

106: Small Businesses Health Care Tax Credit
The IRS today released a final guidance for small employers eligible to claim the new small business health care tax credit for the 2010 tax year. Included in the Affordable Care Act enacted in Marc

107: Cost Segregation - Tax Deductions (Take all legal deductions)
Taxes are your enemy, but tax deductions are your friends. Taxes are the great bane of most businesses. Alas, business deductions act as a salve to cool the burning and itching of your bank accoun

108: How to Choose a Tax Preparer and Avoid Preparer Fraud
Return preparer fraud involves the preparation and filing of false income tax returns by preparers who claim inflated personal or business expenses, false deductions, unallocated credits or excessiv

109: Self Assessment Tax Returns
Each year around the time of winter, millions of individuals have to go through the laborious task of filling in and completing their Self Assessment Tax Returns. For those of you who may have yet

110: Trends In Tax Continuing Education
Continuing education (CE) is necessary for tax and finance professionals that provide services to the public. It is important that a practitioner have the necessary tools to complete their CE requ

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