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How to Multiply and Save Money

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by: No more debt !
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Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 Time: 8:39 PM

Who does not want to hold on to their money? In the society we live in it is so easy to spend  money when we should be finding ways to multiply it.

Sometimes you spend money that you do not have making it hard to save money...Can we say credit cards! For you to save and multiply money it takes a lot of discipline and self-control.  Companies spend a lot of money researching how best to influence you to spend, spend, and spend some more.  Banks often do the same they build or create surcharges to eventually take your money. In situations like that it is ever so hard to save your money. So with all that how do you multiply and save money? There are a few steps you can follow:

You must also remember that money is not your master but your slave. In other words allow your money to work for you. The money you save can be used in guaranteed return investments. In this way your saved money will increase because you invested wisely. Investments are your friends :)

Know your income and formulate a budget.  You need the guidance of a budget to help you determine how much you spend.  To save your money you need to know your expenditure.  Once you know your expenditure you can pencil in how much money you want to save.

The next step is to treat the money you have budgeted out for saving as your payment for working so hard. Come on... you could not have spent all that time working only to pay bills right? You must pay yourself and allow yourself to enjoy life. After all it is yours.

Be discipline when it comes on to multiplying saving your money. Do not compromise or put it off, it should be no different than paying a bill. In order to multiply money you must realize that it should be mandatory. Do not let wants take over. To satisfy your wants do not over borrow from the money you are planning to multiply and save but instead revisit your budget and determine where you can reallocate some money.

To multiply and save money you must learn to say no to unnecessary purchases especially ones that will only satisfy you short term and serves no real purpose to you. Remember that display windows and advertisement are designed to lure you in to spend that precious cash. Focus on something that will yield a better return than expenditure.

To multiply and save your money you must also be willing to know when to move on. At times we choose an investment and it either does not work or isn't moving fast enough.  It's not necessarily that you mad a bad choice, just maybe not a good time for that choice. There are many other methods out there, so don't be afraid to try them.  I always say when you fall down..get your a$$ back up and keep going. let's be real here we all want to get up when we want, go on vacation when we want, eat out as much as we want, and buy a car and home when we want! It's 100% possible! ask me how

Having money to do what you want when you want is always a great advantage and a wonderful feeling.  Multiplying and saving money is always a wise choice. It can only stand to benefit you in the long term and should always be a long term goal. Start building your financial stability now and it will eventually pay off.

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