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How To Creat Wealth With A Proven Method

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by: No more debt !
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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2010 Time: 10:44 PM

It is a proven fact that investment is the secret key to wealth.


For you to eat the fruit sow your seed of labour. The secret of receiving money is first letting go of the little you have.


Are you there, and your dream of building a house or having a car of your own has always ended on your sleeping bed or in a savings account? I have good news for you.


The word "wealth" throws light and smiles on the faces of may people but it can only be sweet in the mouths of those who have made their ways there.


Have that "wealth" ever brought hope of a better future to you? Or created an euphoria of freedom and depicted a possibility of finding a treasure that could turn you into a millionaire for life!


Using parieto's distribution theory, only 20 percent of the world's population owns 80 percent of the world's wealth and to belong to the 20 percent is a choice. You may choose to be at the bottom of the ladder where the crowd is struggling to make ends meet, complaining about every situation around them without effecting any change.


Don't make the mistake. It is not the amount of money you have that takes you to the top of Wealth or keeps you there but  your ability to reproduce what you have or even create your own wealth, in case you were not born with any. Come to think of it. The keys to wealth is a single one step and that step is investment. Investment is a seed that anyone who wants to be rich must plant. In fact, the difference between wealth and poverty is investment.


If you think wealth is measure by the amount of money owned by a person, then wait and see what investment can do to your asset profile. Investment is the name of the game and your worth can only be measured by it. The day you start investing right, you begin to take the first steps out of poverty and the kind of investment you do determine your rate of movement towards wealth.


The difference between poverty and wealth is a wide gap of 60 percent. This is because poverty is a strong force propagated by ignorance. Once ignorance is cleared you have 40 percent boost. The remaining 20 percent is just active effort in the direction of wealth. Of course, information gives you this right focus, but ignorance put you in the opposite direction. You may never get to your destination.


A poor man an have money but because he lacks the ability to reproduce it, he remains poor. This lack of information limits a poor man. Poverty is not lack of money but lack of ability to multiply it and lack of information required to replenish it.


For you to sustain wealth, you must multiply it more than the rate at which you are producing it. All you need to do sow your seed and the law of multiplication will take over.


Remember, it is not the money, but, your ability to reproduce it or multiply it as the case may be. Wealth is not a right but there's a price you have got to pay to get there. Until money is released, it can never do work.

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