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61: Twelve Paths to Prosperity in 2012
     There are twelve ways to prosperity from now to two-thousand and twelve!             The heavens are buzzing with astro

62: The Wealth Trigger Review – Find Out Why Some People Succeed and Others Fail
There are plenty of seminars and books of how anyone can become financially independent, so it really is no secret that someone else will come up with a whole system catered to those who would lik

63: The Meaning of True Wealth
The word "wealth" has a number of different yet related meanings. If you take a look at the dictionary, chances are you'll find more than one definition of this term. If you try to ask ten different

64: Gold Investments Guidelines
Gold takes the center stage in the global market today, surprised? The main reason for starters is its ingenuity. Human nature is proven to be an interesting fact that causes us to act and investiga

65: Assets vs Liabilities: How to Build Personal Assets the Right Way!
Anyone who wants to achieve true Financial Freedom is probably aware that one of the best ways to do so is by owning assets that put money into your pocket every month.  But how can you know

66: Do You Know About Income Protection?
Many are familiar with life insurance, in which you or your loved ones would receive a certain amount of money should you be incapacitated or if you were to pass away. However, less people are fam

67: How To Save For Retirement Automatically
Most of us don't need a financial expert to tell us that saving money is quite difficult. The question we must ask ouselves is, what is our own problem with saving? There are four key psychologica

68: Wealth Building: Accelerate Your Prosperity
In the northern hemisphere, Winter will officially release its icy grip on us this weekend. Hooray! While winter-like weather doesn't always obey official pronouncements, it can be a little mentally

69: 3 Important Lessons To Teach Your Kids About Money
The psychology of money is something that most people brush off as something unimportant but no matter which super rich or super successful person you listen to, there is one theme that stands out m

70: Money Saving Tips - Little but effective ways to save money
You really do not have a great start, if you want to save money. You can save a little time and regularly, you know that your baby has grown into a significant savings in the amount that you can f

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