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81: Reverse-Mortgages: Prepare Now!
It is important to start preparing now for a reverse mortgage if you are thinking about applying for one in the future. Find out what you can do to prepare now to qualify for a reverse mortgage in t

82: Bad Credit Mortgages- What You Should Know
Sometimes it is because of medical bills, loss of income, over spending. Whatever the reason might be this does not change the fact that you have bad credit but desperately want a place to live to

83: Home Equity Mortgage - Things to Keep in Mind
A home equity mortgage is a great way to raise money for critical expenses. When you need a large sum of money, there is probably no other asset that can give you access to such a substantial sum.

84: All You Need To Know About Government Mortgage Help Plans
Government Mortgage Help Plan has been created by the United States government to offset the destabilization in financial system. The mortgage meltdown has created overall financial instability and

85: The Mortgage Interest Deduction Probably Isn't Going Anywhere
Every so often, I happen across an article about eliminating the mortgage tax deduction.  The frequency of these articles has increased rapidly as those with little understanding of economics

86: Finding Out About Your Rights in Foreclosure
There are many different sources of foreclosure information out there. So who can you talk to for the right information? Who can you trust? The best place to start is with national or local governm

87: Refinance Mortgage Rates
Mortgage Rates RiseMortgage rates on fixed mortgages have ticked up for the fifth straight week, reflecting higher yields on long-term Treasurys, according to insiders. Freddie Mac, the king o

88: Mortgage Help To Rescue You
The government of your country plans a roof for you. Sit back and take a breather for the government mortgage help program is aimed at your welfare. Recession has coaxed the government to pass bills

89: Using an Online Mortgage Calculator – Property Taxes, Insurance and Homeowners Association Dues
In my last article I explored some of the secrets to accurately calculating your income for use with online mortgage calculators. Specifically we discussed the "how much loan do I qualify for" mor

90: Best Mortgage Advice for First Time Buyers
It is undoubted that in today's property market, banking situation and economic climate getting your foot on the property ladder has never been harder, particularly for first time buyers. The banki

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