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131: Fixed Rate Mortgages During Economic Downturn
Following a period of 18 months of economic downturn, the housing market is beginning to recover with the number of outstanding mortgages rising by 1% during the 2nd quarter of 2009 compared to the s

132: Steps to Securing the Right Mortgage
Everyone wants to have a piece of the American dream and owning a home is the biggest step towards that dream. While the mortgage game can be daunting it is one of the only ways that most individuals

133: Are Banks Really The Best Place To Get A Home Mortgage From?
Banks offer mortgages as they always have. And most people flock to them. The question is whether they really are the best place to get a mortgage from? This article will give you the information you

134: Home Buyer Programs: Break-down of a Mortgage Payment
A mortgage payment typically consists of principal and interest; some people also pay escrow for property taxes and insurance.  There may also be an additional charge for PMI or private mortgage

135: FHA Streamline Refinance Mortgage - Lower Your Mortgage Payments With A FHA Streamline Refi!
Too many people are now struggling to make their mortgage payments and aren't sure what they can do or where they can turn for help.  Some of those people are under the impression that there is

136: Adjustable Rate Mortgage – Refinance And Save
When you bought your dream home several years ago, you may have taken out an adjustable rate mortgage, thinking you were doing the smart thing to get the best rate. You were probably right at the tim

137: How To Avoid Loan Modification & Foreclosure Scams
With the rise of homes that are going into foreclosure into today’s real estate market, more and more scam artist are preying on uneducated home owners with empty promises to save their homes fr

138: Commercial Mortgage
As with the majority of the mortgage and housing market in general, the commercial mortgage sector has suffered as a result of the overall economic downturn. Throughout the UK the past year or so has

139: Loan Modification – Mortgage Modification Tips & Tricks
Homeowners having trouble keeping up with monthly mortgage payments have an option that is gaining in popularity: mortgage loan modification. Loan modification involves modifying your existing mortgag

140: Home Mortgage Loans Let You Live in your Nest
Human being is the most advanced creature but sometimes it’s not as easy for him to build a home as it for a bird to build nest. Lack of money is the biggest hurdle in its way as bird needs stra

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