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71: Checking credit one key to healthy personal finances
When it comes to being well-versed in personal finances, people should remember the importance of checking their credit report and taking the proper steps to maintain a high credit score. In fact,

72: Legitimate Credit Repair Companies - Is Your Credit Repair Company Legitimate Or Not?
With respect to the huge success gained by the settlement and repair companies, a lot of fake companies came into existence. The sole motto of these companies is to attract customers and extract m

73: Fix Your Credit - Finding Out The Secrets To Getting A Better Fico Score Now!
If you are sick of living with a horrible credit rating, then you need to discover how you can fix your credit and do it before it is too late.  You need to know what you can do in order to mak

74: Explaining Derogatory Credit
Explaining derogatory credit is not easy. I know in my situation, trying to get a job to care for my two year old daughter, I had to do it. It was a constant challenge to have to explain that I was l

75: Self Credit Repair- Credit Repair Tips That Will Help You Fix Your Credit As Fast As Possible
Many people with low FICO scores often wonder if there is such a thing as instant credit repair. They search online for the answers hoping to find some special secret that is going to help them im

76: How Does Foreclosure Impact your Credit Report?
How does a foreclosure effect your credit report is a perplexing question. This is because Fair-Isaac Company, who started the credit scoring system, will not share this information. What complicates

77: Credit Repair Help For Consumers Rebuilding Their Credit
Very often consumers that have ruined their credit and gone through the credit repair process are completely turned off to the idea of credit cards.  They feel that going forward, their best bet

78: You Need to Understand What Your Credit Score Is and What Affects it!
That is why it is a good idea to take a look at your credit report regularly and understand where you credit score is. Sometimes we might get excited about closing on our home and then decide we need

79: Free Bureau Credit Report Facts Revealed
With today's economic stresses and circumstances, you may find yourself in need of checking your credit report. Maybe you want to get a loan, or were denied a loan based on it. Maybe you have been in

80: How To Improve Credit With A Credit Card
People are frustrated and stressed when they have poor credit score. From seeking a job to buying a house, a poor credit history makes the process more difficult. Hence, it is indeed important to

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