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4 Tips For Credit Reapir

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Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 Time: 11:08 PM

Credit repair does not happen overnight. Without good credit report, one may be turned down for getting loans or have to face trouble with ever-increasing credit rates. So what can be done? 

How to repair credit tip #1: 

Analysis the problem. How will you fix a problem until you know how bad it is? So, the first step in repairing credit score applies for the copy of the credit score report. Once you got the copy of a report then start finding the information that affects your report. Make a note of your mistakes like your late payments and more. It is true that finding a problem is more critical than solving a problem. Some people cannot solve their credit related problem because they do not know the problem.

How to Repair Credit Tip #2:

Dispute errors. During a deep analysis of your credit report, it is possible that you may find an error. To fix an error, you have to send a letter to the credit report bureau. The letter will describe the error and in this way you are going to bring the attention of credit report bureau. If you have no interest in writing a letter, then you can go with filling out their online dispute form. It is good that you provide the copies of supporting documents with the dispute form. Bureau may take to 30 days to confirm the disputed entry. Once they find any dispute, the bureau will delete the error.

How to Repair Credit Tip #3:

Be regular and up to date. Paying a bill even a month late can hurt your Cibil score. If you missed any payment then no need to worry, from now you can start paying regularly. There are two major reasons for late payment one is either you does not have a sufficient amount of money to pay. So, in such case you need to sit with the financially minded person to make a budget. The second reason for getting late is: you forget to pay bills. In such case, you have an excellent option of automated bill payments. Bank offers auto pay feature so you can use that feature and schedule automatic payments on the monthly basis.

Being up to date with your personal information is beneficial for your credit health. If you make any update in your phone number or address or any other personal information, then your report get one point. So keep updating your personal information.

How to repair credit tip #4:

Pay off the debt. Sometimes it is possible that debt is not yours! In such case, you have no need to pay. At this time, you have to use credit score dispute letter (Already mention in Tip#1) and ask the bureau to remove it.

If the debt is yours, then you can request a bureau to remove the entry from your credit report in exchange of repayments. You should keep in mind that debit entry remains in the credit score report for seven years.

Credit repair is not a big thing if you follow these things! So it's your time to start with first step.

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